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Our Programs

If you are looking for instruction in any of the performing arts disciplines, then we have you covered.


We foster a supportive environment that enables young people to explore their own sense of musicianship and freely be themselves.

Build your skills to create, produce, and perform different styles of music as either a singer, instrumentalist or artist. If your goal is to play your favourite songs, become a performer, write your own songs, grow your confidence or take your music exams, we have the programs to get you started and keep you going!



Subject to availability.
Fees based on 30 min lesson per week.


Subject to availability.
Fees based on 30 min lesson per week.


Subject to availability.
Fees based on 30 min lesson per week.


Subject to availability.
Fees based on 30 min lesson per week.


Subject to availability.
Fees based on 30 min lesson per week.


Subject to availability.
Fees based on 30 min lesson per week.

Artist Development

Subject to availability.
Fees based on 60 min lesson per week.

Music Production

Subject to availability.
Fees based on 60 min lesson per week.

Glee Choir

Subject to availability.
Grades 4-6.


Our goal is to uplift our students and build their confidence through dance!

If dance is your passion, our recreational dance classes are the perfect fit. From ballet and contemporary to salsa and swing, we offer fun and engaging instruction for all ages that will keep you active and teach you valuable technical skills.

Core Dance

Private dance lessons.

Subject to availability.
Fees based on 60 min lesson per week.

Tot Dance

Subject to availability.
Ages 3-5.

Youth Dance

Subject to availability.
Ages 6-9.


Our acting programs focus on all aspects of dramatic performance.

From voiceover mastery and stage skills to script work, film and tv auditions and film production, our private and group acting lessons can help you get ready for the silver screen!

Core Acting

Private acting lessons. Subject to availability.

Voiceover acting

Subject to availability.

Movie Makers

Subject to availability.
Ages 8-14.

Musical Theatre

Have you ever wanted to appear on the stage?

Here’s your chance to master the singing, acting, and dancing skills needed to participate in fully-staged Broadway productions, individual musical numbers and your favourite musical movies fresh out of Hollywood. Lessons are available for both beginners and aspiring professionals.

The CBY Jr Showstoppers

Subject to availability.
Juniors are grades 1-4 at school

The CBY Inter Showstoppers

Subject to availability.
Inters are grades 5-8 at school

The CBY Sr Showstoppers

Subject to availability.
Seniors are grades 9-12 at school

The CBY Rising Stars

Subject to availability.
Ages 7-12.

Musical Theatre Minis

Subject to availability.
Ages 4-6.


The CBY Showstoppers is our flagship musical theatre program that stages two musical productions a year and requires a year-long commitment from students. All levels are welcome. This program is ideal for students who are enthusiastic about performing in front of large audiences. 

The CBY Rising Stars is our recreational musical theatre program. Students are interested in musical theatre training, but are perhaps not quite ready to perform in a full production in front of large audiences. Despite this, Rising Star students will work towards putting on a small performance for our end-of-year concert. There is no minimum commitment for this program like there is for Showstoppers.

Many students spend their first year in the CBY Rising Stars to build their foundation training in singing, acting and dancing, before moving up to the CBY Showstoppers the following year.

All tuition fees are billed monthly to the payment method saved in your CBY members account. We accept payment by either credit card or pre-authorized debit. Fees are collected automatically on the 22nd of each month for the month ahead.

Tuition fees for private lessons at the CBY Academy vary depending on the day of the week the lesson takes place. We calculate our monthly tuition fees by multiplying our base rate across the entire school year and then omitting stat vacations that we are closed for.

Because stat vacations mostly fall on long weekends, students who learn on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays pay lower tuition fees than students who learn on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

By doing this, we are able to arrive at a fixed amount for your monthly tuition fees, billed in equal payments throughout the school year, much like a utility bill or subscription fee.

We use “core” to simply describe private, one-on-one lessons in acting and dance. Those private lessons are shaped by the goals of the specific student, so are more generalized in nature. “Core Acting” generally means acting for stage, screen and theatre. “Core Dance” generally means foundational style such as ballet, jazz, contemporary and tap. 

If the time comes where you need to withdraw from the CBY Academy, we simply ask for 4-weeks notice.

The CBY Showstoppers is the only exception to this; students are required to make a year-long commitment to participate in this program.

Withdrawals are explained in more detail in our member terms & conditions.

If your child needs to miss a lesson in any given week, we simply request that you let us know by submitting an absence report on our website. Private students get three make up lessons per school year. Groups programs are not eligible for make up lessons.

Our cancellations and make up policy is explained further in our member terms & conditions.

Yes, we do offer hour long lessons in all our private disciplines. We encourage new students to start at 30 minutes per week to establish a routine before increasing to 60 minutes. 

The only exception to this is our artist development and music production private programs. These subjects require a minimum of an hour each week to be fully effective.

If you are specifically interested 60 minute lessons, just let us know and we can discuss options.

Yes! All prospective CBY students start by attending a drop in lesson. Only after that drop in lesson is complete can you proceed with full registration. 

A private drop in lesson is $36.50 and a group drop in lesson is $25. You can book your drop in lesson here

Member Reviews

"CBY has fuelled and fostered passion for the arts, specifically musical theatre, for my child. This exceptional company has also taught by daughter the fundamentals of each art discipline (music, dance and acting) which has aided in mastering her craft as well as, building her confidence both on and off the stage. If you are looking for an art school that will help your little star shine bright, then look no further."
"My daughter has been with CBY since last year and from the minute she enrolled, it has been an outstanding experience. She's currently signed up for singing lessons, it very clear that the instructors are not only highly skilled but also genuinely care about her progress. The quality of instruction is nothing short of excellent. My daughter looks forward to each class, a testament to the engaging and fun learning atmosphere."
"My daughter has tried a number of different theatre classes and we were never satisfied until finding CBY. Their private music lessons and musical theatre are top notch! They put together incredible productions from start to finish and there are many additional opportunities to perform throughout the year as well. My daughter absolutely loves every minute of her time at CBY!"

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