Wizard of Oz: The Panto | Sun Dec 3 | 10am


This production is family-friendly with bright lighting and audience participation. The front few rows will be reserved for children. However, we strongly encourage only children aged 3+ to attend.

Please note performance dates and times for the performer you may be coming to see!

RUBY CAST – Thursday and Sunday performances
Featuring Graeden, Alli, Brooke, Carly, Samsara and Deleena

with Juniors: Bianca, Cassidy, Charlie, Connor, Emilia, Gavin, Iliana, Keira, Maddie, Maelie, Natalie, Nicole, Pearl, Teigan and Ursula

and Intermediates: Alexandra, Ashlyn, Bree, Callie, Ella, Grace, Kayla, Kristina, Mac, Rosalyn, Sahib, Sara, Scarlett, Tenley and Victoria.

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Join our grande dame Glinda and her Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows as she introduces the beloved characters of Oz! In the tradition of a British panto, we will tell the traditional story of the Wizard of Oz in a unique way – using pop hits of the last half-century, audience participation, quirky characters, and lots of laughs! Seasonal blues? Shake it Off with the Scarecrow and join us on our trip to find the Rainbow Connection that unites us all.

This production runs approx 90 mins with a short intermission.

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