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“Honestly, they have been going through some problems lately and I’ve been hearing that they’re not sure if Rich Rodriguez is going to be the coach still. With my top three, I know who the head coach is going to be and I’ve been there recently. I haven’t been to Michigan recently, so I really don’t have a feel for them right now.”

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First off, Hart says Michigan is still in the mix, and it seems as though Michigan has been following the rules to a T, while other schools well, it’s the SEC. That has hurt them, but with the NCAA on them it’s not unreasonable and frankly, it’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately, this type of logic from recruits will not stop until 2 things happen:

  1. The NCAA investigation finalizes
  2. Michigan starts winning consistently

The freakout/don’t freakout take on Hart and the rest of the class:

First, Justice Hayes had very similar things to say earlier this year. We’ve heard it from other athletes as well (as I understand it this may be part of the reason for Beyer’s delay). This is going to be the problem until this NCAA stuff gets cleared up and Michigan starts winning on the field . At the same time, RichRod has shown he is a solid closer, so presuming the NCAA investigation results in non-earth-shattering penalties (likely), then if Michigan has a good year on the field you could see a lot of guys coming here later in the year.

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