Trip to Munich

With the CELTA course officially over, my boyfriend very sweetly booked a trip to Munich for us for the weekend to enjoy some of the sights as well as relaxing in a hotel with all the trimmings. We stayed at the Eurostars Grand Centraland from the moment we arrived I felt completely relaxed. I’m usually more of a hostel-girl so the massive buffet breakfast with accompanying live music, huge comfortable beds and a bathroom with everything was quite the treat.

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With the boyfriend planning everything for the trip we had a long list of things to see. I’ve been to Munich three times now but every one of those trips has been for Oktoberfest only one of them involved seeing something other than beer tents! So I was really interested to see what the place looked like when one of the biggest festivals in the world wasn’t taking over.

The answer to that was that is was very similar the first place we went to after dropping off our bags was the Augustiner beer garden, which was packed on the beautiful sunny day, and there we’re scores of people still in their lederhosen and dirndls so it wasn’t quite the change from Oktoberfest I was expecting after all:)but after having some fantastic chicken and sausages we headed out to take a look around the city and the beauty of Munich really shone through.

The thing I loved so much about Munich was the way the buildings represented much of what I know to be German so structured and regal and clean-looking. The whole city was in tune with this style and it was just amazing to walk around and see building after building with the same feel to it.

We also checked out the parks which we’re equally beautiful. The beer gardens we’re all through the main park in Munich, with a buffet style line-up for food and loads of options for drinks, desserts and sides to your typical Bavarian feed. The park was jam-packed for the beautiful sunshine and walking to one of the top peaks we settled for a while and listened to some great buskers playing English classics. The day was sealed by watching some of the surfing certainly not the way surfing looks in Australia!

After getting over all the walking we got our dancing shoes on and headed to Vogler jazz club which was the best night out in Munich I could have asked for. The food and drinks we’re very affordable and the music had a great Latino feel to it. Sitting up at the bar, my boyfriend was mesmerized by the bar man making cocktails and it looked like the perfect place to spend a birthday or have a celebration with the dance floor immediately filling up every time the live act took to the stage.

The next day we took advantage of the spa at the hotel.It wasn’t a massive one the sauna could fit maybe five people. And if you’re wondering, yes it was a naked one, which I’m still struggling to get my head around. Luckily there we’re optional towels to use! The pool was really calming and had access to the roof top where we could see all of Munich, making for a nice end to the day.

On the final day we packed up and headed to the markets in the main square in the morning with so many trinkets and food and more beer on offer Munich is clearly a place that is just as much fun outside Oktoberfest as during the festival. It’s only a 2 hour drive or train ride from Stuttgart, and I’m sure we’ll be back again soon.

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