Strongest ever Belgium Chess Championship has started

My chess club Rokade Westerlo holds for the second year in a row the Belgium Chess Championship. Last year was a big success, got many compliments about the organisation, the playing room, . But we wanted to do even better this year.

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T0 please our sponsor Iventi we decided to organize it in the town where his organisation is located, namely in Antwerp. With other words, we are playing home but away.


We decided to make the Expert group as strong as possible. That was also a success. If you have some money to negotiate with doors open, no becomes yes .

With three GMs, a group of IMs, a couple of FMs and one untitled player (the winner of the Belgium youth chess championship) our Expert group has a higher average rating then ever before.


For the pairings and results of the Expert group you can visit Experts information on the website of the championship.

For the pairings and results of the Open group (the group I, Johan Verduyckt (1885 Fide rating) play in) you can visit Open information on the website of the championship.


You can also follow the games of the Expert group and the first twenty boards of the Open group live at Live games .

Games start at two pm (gmt+1) except on the last day (July 10th) when the round starts at 11 am (gmt+1).

Have fun!

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