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“Shadow Assault- The Rogue Plane Shifts and strikes the enemy with a deadly attack from behind, dealing weapon plus 64 to 67 Physical damage. An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack. This attack never misses, and cannot be blocked, parried or dodged. Awards 1 Combo Point.”

“Shadow Stalk- The Rogue Plane Shifts and appears behind the target. This ability removes Snares, Stuns and Roots.”

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When using these abilities it becomes imperative that correct cooldown management is used. It is also necessary for your healers to know that you can and will shift and that it is much like a charge and that front end heals will be needed until you get into the swing of things. Now for the management of them: Say we have a group of mobs such as in DD with multiple casters that will not move to each other. I generally taunt the one I am not going to shift to at first then Shadow shift to the second mob. I open up with three Phantom Blows to get that damagereduction on me followed by two planar strikes and finally Guarded Steel. With the first rotation complete I use shadow assault or plane shift to go to the other mob and go to town on it with three more Phantom Blows and two Planar Strikes. This time though I put up Rift Guard. Now if you have either Plane Shift, Shadow Stalk, or Shadow Assault up shift back to the other mob and do the 3-2 combo again and put up false blade. At this time it is probably dead. You just run back over and take care of business. That ladies and gents is our greatest ability in tanking.


There is a lot of talk going around that you will NEED a 51 point RS build in order to be a successful RS tank. I do not feel that this is true in the slightest even if my main spec is going to be a 51 point tree. So here are the non-51 point trees Note: If they remove the health from tier 1 of ranger this will not be a viable launch spec. However this is my personal off-tank spec with 38 points is a 38/20/8 spec.

The next spec to take a look at which is just a little variance on the personal-off tank spec and is a 38/23/8 spec and is highly viable if there is no bard in your group or if you do not want to have to manage your own off-tank.

Finally we have a 51 Point Talent RS build option.

And with help from Eli on seeing something and looking over the math(which I will show in the advanced portion) a build that benefits me 100% a blend of survival and avoidance.

Advanced Riftstalker Tactics

The time now comes to discuss the tactics around the Riftstalkersoul. What can we do? And how can we handle it in such away that will allow others to go “WOW..he’s good?!” We’ll start off by taking a look at buffs the move on to single target set ups and abilities and finally end this section on AOE which was covered briefly in the class overview in part 1.

The important buffs and cooldownsare Guardian Phase, Planebound Resilience, Memory Capture, Side Steps, Planar Refuge, Combat Pose(If you have it), and Fanfare of Vigor(If you have it). The question is how do we go about using these buffs and cooldowns? Guardian Phase are endurance, armor and threat enhancer HAS to be up at all times when tanking. You can in essence tank without it as I am sure will happen sometimes when it isn’t checked up on for some of us but makes for a healer’s nightmare. Planar Refuge which is an endurance buff is a major need to have up, if it is not up it is a loss of a nice boost of hp. The good news is that it is on an hour timer! Memory capture which is a later in the roots ability can be vital in certain situations. If you do not want to have to worry about wasting a different types of cooldownsthis can be used after a boss fears(Such as in DD) or Knock Backs to get back to your tanking spot in quick fashion using the secondary ability Flashback. Side Steps and Planar Refuge are both semi-ohshit buttons. These two abilities can be vital in situations of enraging bosses, buff stack bosses, or when a healer gets cc’d in various situations. A third emergency use cooldownlater in the root system is Scatter to the Shadows. A 2 min cooldownwhich prevents all harmful effects and damagefor three seconds as well as curing all curable harmful effects. This I can see in the future becoming a BIG help in raids and parties. However, it is a personal decision to go that far into the tree or not. Combat Pose and Fanfare of Vigor are two useful buffs that lay outside the confines of the Riftstalkertree. Combat Pose from Bladedancer is a useful dexterity buff and fanfare of vigor from Bard, although not as used as Combat Pose, can be useful if there is no other options for end buffs and as such are important to keep up.

Single target threat and combo point management on the Riftstalker is one of the most complicated of all the souls at first look. However, it can be pretty simple once you have the abilities and the rotation down. Lets start off by looking at the early abilities you get. Guarded Steel and Planar Strike:

The first rotation that comes out of this is pretty straight forward for soloing and for tanking for a friend. PS-PS-PS-PS-PS-GS-Repeat.

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