The Top Five Tennessee Tourist Attractions

There is much more to see, taste, and experience in Tennessee. This soulful state has been consistently at the top of the list of local tourists and foreigners alike. The gracious state boasts the best combination- music, food, nature, and history, elements resulting in a vacation that you will never forget!

If this is your first time to take a trip to America’s music capital, here are top attractions that you should not miss!

  • Southern-Style Cooking

Aside from being known as the Volunteer State, Tennessee is also famed as America’s barbecue capital! It is also teeming with heart dishes featuring metal and fresh water seafood. The meals are exceptionally hearty and delicious wherever you go in Tennessee. Head out to Memphis, Tennessee for it’s iconic ribs, tasty cornbread, and succulent blackened catfish. You are most definitely going to experience the best Southern-style cooking during your vacation in Tennessee.

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  • Highland Rim

Highland Rim is a top nature destination surrounding the Nashville Basin. The awe-inspiring beauty of this region is famous among locals and tourists that love the outdoors. Trekking, biking, and hiking are top activities that you can participate in this area of Tennessee. Guests are also allowed to visit some of it’s natural waterfalls and fish along the pristine springs of the Highland Rim.

The Highland Rim, which surrounds the Nashville Basin, is an area of immense natural beauty. Hike to one of the many waterfalls or purchase a permit to fish in one of the nearby streams.

  • Super Music

If you are a music enthusiast and would like to experience the best music in the country, Tennessee is definitely the place to be. The music scene of Tennessee is well alive and vibrant as evidenced by the numerous music festivals that are being held all across the state. The rich music scene of Tennessee ranges from jazz, rock and roll, and country music. During your vacation, you might even get lucky to catch concerts of famous musicians at the legendary Grand Ole Opry. Graceland us yet another tourist destination for fans of the one and only king of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.

  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The breathtaking landmark of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park is located between the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. It is one of the top must-see natural marvels in the state of Tennessee. Due to the immense size of this state park, you can try out numerous activities with friends and family. It features up to 800 miles of trails within it’s property, and see beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat.

If you are not an outdoorsy type of person, there are also hotels in Tennessee that are located a few miles away from Great Smoky Mountains. Aside from cozy room accommodations, these hotels also boast world-class facilities, such as dining halls and reception rooms accentuated with tables featuring stylish table linens, table skirts, and cloth napkins among many others.

  • Civil War History

Tennessee has up to 168 historic sites connected to the Civil War. If you have limited time in Tennessee, one great destination is the Bleak House. You may also want to take a tour at one of the 71 battlefields that are scattered across the state of Tennessee.

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